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What’s in Your Warcraft Bag?

This fortnight’s topic from Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge is to share what’s in your bags. You’re not supposed to tidy them up first. Well, I recently did that, so they shouldn’t be too bad, right? I will admit that I emptied the mail and sorted things off to alts before I took these screen shots and video (it’s coming when I find a new program to do voice overlay) but my bags are generally well kept if … full of stuff.

Hexweave bags in every slot. Reverse bag and slot ordering courtesy of Bagnon. The ‘Clean up’ ignores the bottom Hexweave bag. It’s the stuff I try not to leave home without.

BOTTOM BAG: Helvette and my ‘main’ alts all have Hexweave bags in every slot. I use Bagnon to organize and do reverse bag order and reverse slot order. So the bottom bag is a Hexweave bag. I mark ‘Ignore this bag’ in the bag cleanup feature. This is the stuff I never leave home without. Too much I’m sure.

Three Hearthstones, the Darkmoon Faire book (I just carry it all the time so I don’t have to worry about whether I have it for skulls or not), an enchanting rod, my pet battle tokens (current goal 500), pet bandages, a food … I don’t have any Legion recipes yet, a health pot, a flask.

Then my fishing gear. That’s Nat’s pole from Draenor, the big bobber, the filetting thingy, and Nat’s Hat. And the Darkmoon Faire thing that lets you collect resources quicker. next is my mojo we got at start of Legion and I never use, and tomes I never use. An enchanting vellum in case.

Arakkoa archaeology thingies because you never know, and two random archy sites in Draenor – mainly to get quickly to pet battles. Miner’s coffee – I mine mainly for archy fragments. A couple of alcohol’s to keep Nat happy when fishing, a random swiftness potion I don’t know where came from, my flower for dead people, a field medic kit I don’t know what’s for, and my Last deck of Nemelex Xobeh which only has ONE charge at the moment – need to get to the Faire!! Inky black to make the world dark, and a random fishing lure.

SECOND TO BOTTOM: Overflow from the first really. I picked up flour and spices and coarse thread for the Faire already. And I have some silly Winterfall beads because of the Sun Darter Hatchling pet thing – post coming. The next two bags are for extra gear and consumables – currently empty because not questing much. Can get full.

TOP BAG: Where I keep stuff I don’t want to mess up and accidentally sell, DE or whatever. Last night, all my Sun Darter Hatchling cave stuff.

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Orwell – Best $5 I’ve spent on Steam so far

So I just tweeted that no game was grabbing my attention at the moment. Then I headed over to Steam on a whim, and found Orwell in my recommendations. The game’s blurb goes like this:

Big Brother has arrived – and it’s you. Investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. Information from the internet, personal communications and private files are all accessible to you.

Since it cost $4.99 today, I thought – oh ok. I have had one game day ‘on the job’.

My organization’s monitoring of CCTV footage identified a girl who had been accused of assaulting a police officer during a protest against the government a few weeks ago. This led to me accessing her social media accounts, her chat account, and also identified several members of her family, their occupations, and some vague insights into their personal lives. I have had to trawl through her posts and texts to see if I can find anything relevant to a current terrorist situation. The work makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Much of what she says on social media could or could not be relevant, might or might not be serious, and I have to decide whether to add the information to her file. It’s chilling, to say the least.

I’ll try to update my review when I finish.

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Can you really translate poetry or lyrics?

I wish I had another Norwegian speaker to help me out here, but I’m sure some other bilingual reader might have input.

I have loved this girl band from my home town* of Bergen for years. I’ll give you their iTunes and wiki page links below, don’t worry. I particularly love the remix by Souldrop which you can see on YouTube below this paragraph.  I have tried to spread the word about this track many times.


The track speaks to me about going ‘out’ in Bergen ca 1992. At least what it was like for me back in those ancient times. I sometimes try to translate the lyrics. The track is called “Aldri” – which is easily translates. It means “Never” and the direct translation does not really detract from the meaning on the lyric in any way.

It doesn’t quite hit the mark either. The translation is more correct as “Never-Ever”. But the so-called ‘correct’ … literal translation if you will … does not do the poetic, lyrical title justice.

I often have this feeling about translation. Being bilingual, I see a lot of atrocious translation. Sometimes it is so literal that it totally ignores the tone of the original. Sometimes it is so tonally correct it loses a subtlety that only the literal translation could capture.

Roughly speaking, the lyric is spoken by a girl who is sick of chasing this boy at the end of the night – “You’ll never never, never ever be mine.” She ‘searches through the city’s streets’, it’s wet it is cold, this is something she hates. Here is an excerpt of my translation:

I have to get a clue; Between us it is through; With my jacket out the door; Find myself another boy.

Original: Eg e nødt til å forstå, mellom oss e det slutt, tar eg jakken min og går, finne meg en annen gutt

The original has a spectacular rhythm that fits with the rhythm of the track but loses none of it’s amazing faithfulness to the Bergen dialect and natural rhyme. And ‘boy’ and ‘gutt’ aren’t exactly the same thing.

I wish I could translate this track’s magic, but I find myself inadequate. I hope you’ll enjoy at least trying to hear what I hear:

*(well one of my home towns, depending on who I’m speaking to)


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Reading taste update

Reading has always been like eating and sleeping to me. For as long as I can remember I’ve devoured books. I’m honestly not sure what I started with. The Hardy Boys? But I know at some point I started devouring Nancy Drew novels. I don’t even know if it was because I loved them or if it was because everyone my parents knew could count on that being a well-received gift. And there were lots of them. I kept reading. Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, trashy novels I’d sneak up in the middle of the night and borrow from my parents’ bookshelves, classics, Norwegian books, English books. I just READ.

And then I read for my degree. I have a Cand. Philol. (Master’s – M.A.) in English. I read literature out the wazoo. Loved it. Read Shakespeare. Read Beckett. Read Romantics, read 20th Century, read Chaucer. I read read read read. Now, I don’t necessarily go so ‘literary’ or classical. Here are the last 15 books I’ve read – I’ll discuss below.

When I finished my degree, I guess I had gotten a real taste for modern literature, and I tried to find everything I’d missed and everything still coming out in that vein. I read every Man Booker finalist, all the literary review books, and anything that smelled a LITTLE of ‘quality’ literary fiction. This way, I discovered Dancer by Colum McCann, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, and many other gems. Good friends all those books.

Then for a few years here at the start of this decade, I read very little on a regular basis. My reading was limited to beach reading. That reading continued to be eclectic. But I’d read a book or two at the beach. Sometimes long ones.

I’ve always loved fantasy, but I stopped reading fantasy about 20 years ago. Nothing felt fresh anymore I guess. And, admittedly, I had my reading hands full with all my required course reading. During those years my ‘offtime’ reading moved from fantasy to legal thrillers, Stephen King, and what I think is loosely labeled ‘Women’s Fiction’ … Not  full on romance, I have yet to hit that treasure trove, but things like Danielle Steele, Maeve Binchy … that sort of thing.

At some point, I discovered audio books. I started looking for Norwegian books, in particular on Audio books, to help keep up my mother tongue, even when I didn’t speak Norwegian to anyone for a year at a time. I also drove around the United States showing my cats (another story), and audio books kept me awake. ‘Read’ all the Harry Potter novels that way.  I discovered that I loved especially mystery/thriller/crime fiction on audio. And that led to actually reading crime fiction.

These days, I am VERY critical of any ‘literary’ fiction I pick up. Maybe I’m getting cranky in my old age. Or maybe the popularity of book clubs and ‘Book Club Discussion Guides’ has created a market for B-grade literary fiction that the Oprahs and publishers and Amazons of the world throw at us and tell us is very high brow. I find so much of it labored, inelegant and pompous. Hemingway would certainly not approve of much of it, I feel.   Funnily enough, I didn’t like Hemingway 30 years ago. Couldn’t stand him. Now I love his writing.

A couple of years ago, I trained myself to get back into reading every day. It didn’t take long, and now I’m right back into it. But I have less patience with books that irritate me, don’t grab me, or are just plain boring or not my style. I have no problem stopping at 30% and picking up something else. After all, it’s not my JOB anymore, I might as well like it!

Do you feel you ‘should’ be reading different material? Do your tastes change? Do you long to read more or less?

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So yes, that happened.

Well. I logged into my WP blog just to upload a couple of awesome screenshots of Witcher 3’s Yennifer, and JUST LIKE THAT, I screwed up all my file directories and lost (hopefully I’ll get it back with patience) a TON of old blog posts from Strumpet Speaks.

I’ve spent about 18 hours now reinstalling WP installations, cleaning up the ‘flow’ of all my crap, and generally flailing. I’ll get there.

But I still wanted to share these Yennifer shots!!

The Witcher 3