Building the Dream House

7 Month House Build – General update

7 Month House Build – General update

We are now mid-February, and approaching 7  months into the Dream House Build. I have not posted regular updates as promised. Maybe I’ll get into it sometime, maybe I won’t. Let’s just say building is stressful. Here are the latest set of pics – there are actually more wires and pipes than this shows, but I didn’t get pics last week.

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Now that I have made all the decisions I knew I had to make, and about a million more, I have entrusted my wonderful Project Manager with the completion and come to Denver to be with my husband until we can move in. Actually, we will probably check in one more time before completion, but it’s not set in stone.

I have lots of other posts to make on more specific build topics, but no promises on how often or when!

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