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What’s in Your Warcraft Bag?

What’s in Your Warcraft Bag?

This fortnight’s topic from Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge is to share what’s in your bags. You’re not supposed to tidy them up first. Well, I recently did that, so they shouldn’t be too bad, right? I will admit that I emptied the mail and sorted things off to alts before I took these screen shots and video (it’s coming when I find a new program to do voice overlay) but my bags are generally well kept if … full of stuff.

Hexweave bags in every slot. Reverse bag and slot ordering courtesy of Bagnon. The ‘Clean up’ ignores the bottom Hexweave bag. It’s the stuff I try not to leave home without.

BOTTOM BAG: Helvette and my ‘main’ alts all have Hexweave bags in every slot. I use Bagnon to organize and do reverse bag order and reverse slot order. So the bottom bag is a Hexweave bag. I mark ‘Ignore this bag’ in the bag cleanup feature. This is the stuff I never leave home without. Too much I’m sure.

Three Hearthstones, the Darkmoon Faire book (I just carry it all the time so I don’t have to worry about whether I have it for skulls or not), an enchanting rod, my pet battle tokens (current goal 500), pet bandages, a food … I don’t have any Legion recipes yet, a health pot, a flask.

Then my fishing gear. That’s Nat’s pole from Draenor, the big bobber, the filetting thingy, and Nat’s Hat. And the Darkmoon Faire thing that lets you collect resources quicker. next is my mojo we got at start of Legion and I never use, and tomes I never use. An enchanting vellum in case.

Arakkoa archaeology thingies because you never know, and two random archy sites in Draenor – mainly to get quickly to pet battles. Miner’s coffee – I mine mainly for archy fragments. A couple of alcohol’s to keep Nat happy when fishing, a random swiftness potion I don’t know where came from, my flower for dead people, a field medic kit I don’t know what’s for, and my Last deck of Nemelex Xobeh which only has ONE charge at the moment – need to get to the Faire!! Inky black to make the world dark, and a random fishing lure.

SECOND TO BOTTOM: Overflow from the first really. I picked up flour and spices and coarse thread for the Faire already. And I have some silly Winterfall beads because of the Sun Darter Hatchling pet thing – post coming. The next two bags are for extra gear and consumables – currently empty because not questing much. Can get full.

TOP BAG: Where I keep stuff I don’t want to mess up and accidentally sell, DE or whatever. Last night, all my Sun Darter Hatchling cave stuff.

NEXT SLIDE: I’ll start with my not-so-embarrassing few bags in the bank. Fishing poles, shirts, Shrouds of Cooperation, my Riding Crop – because duh. My Vintage Zandalar Confessor’s Mantle and Mooncloth Robe because I can’t throw them away etc. Not too horrendous

And the reagent bank probably looks like many other tailors and enchanters.

The reagent tab in my bank. Enchanting and tailoring stuff. You never know when you’ll need a Glimmering Shard.
The scarier part of the bank. Here are faction currencies I will hand in ‘one day’ – if I ever get back down to AQ in Silithus … And well, yes, I have SEVEN whole Nat Pagle coins right now …

But then things get scary.Those are dinosaur bones from Pandaria. Yes, those are Nat’s coins. And some Elder’s moonstones. And Professor Putrecides potions. Oh and my Ethereal Soul Trader’s currency things. And is that a mining pick? And AHEM … yes, the bottom bag is full of clay scarabs from AQ. For some rep or other that  I don’t need. I’ll hand them in next time I vacation in Silithus. If I remember to bring them. And … my real shocker??? some of you may have spotted it already …






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