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Back to Mooncloth

Back to Mooncloth

Helvette has been in the Vestments of the Shifting Sands for a really long time now. Probably since Legion came out and we could share discovered looks with other characters on the account. Of course the MAGE got the drop one day.

But today I returned to the Mooncloth robe. I enjoy the blonde, white clothed shadow priest look. When I can SEE it.Β  I really dislike not having the option to get out of shadow. Sitting in my fishing chair in Dalaran I can barely see Helvette. It looks way too shadowy and transparent. Dislike. But that’s beside the point.Β  I varied itΒ a little bit – I found these awesome bracers that are sort of metallic arm bands and I couldn’t let only the hands have some purplish in them – it wouldn’t look right. So I changed the belt, left the shoulders off, and gave myself a mask to not look too … good. Here’s the link to my Wowhead dressing room : Helvette’s Outfit and the Item comparison tool. There’s no reason why I’m wearing the Leggings of Absolution – they were just left over from the last outfit.

I still have way too many issues with the shadow priest changes to count. I despise the new lore and the gibbering gnome shadow priest in my class order hall. So insulting.

But … that pet needs getting!













I particularly like the 3D model viewer on the Item comparison tool page.

9 thoughts on “Back to Mooncloth

  1. The Mooncloth Robe is one of my favorite cloth chests in the game πŸ™‚

    Good idea to use a more badass mask to appear a little less good. Although Shadowform probably takes care of that for you (I totaly understand why you wish you could get out of shadowform for the visual)

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