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A Pseudo Dream House update – or watch this space

A Pseudo Dream House update – or watch this space
n case anyone is hankering after a build update
GOOD NEWS first: My mother-in-law reports the port-a-potty and work shed have arrived on our property!! This is wonderful news!
I’d like to write a new update on the whole financing process and how muddled and obtuse it is. But I’m just waiting for confirmation that the bank is happy with the official and impartial valuation which was completed on Friday until I can breathe again. The valuation is for way more than we are borrowing, so that should be good, right? 
I do plan on writing about it – I am not squeamish about talking about money. It always puzzles me that Americans don’t talk about money. It’s a very real national trait. Occasionally they’ll get close, but as a whole, it’s very rude to ask someone how much they paid for something or how much their raise was. In my experience anyway.
I will write once I’m not so on edge. I’m just a bit nervous about something, so holding off till I have t-s crossed and i’s dotted. John says I’m worrying for nothing, which I’m very good at. Hopefully I’ll know soon and John will be right and we can celebrate with Leo.

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